Ad reinhardt's Abstract Painting

Patrick LeMieux

Ad Reinhardt's Abstact Painting

Black Sanwa JLF joystick, IPAC, Power Mac G4,

Flash Application, digital projector, wood, paint

36" x 18" x 18"

December 11, 2008

Ad Reinhardt

Abstract Painting

Black paint on canvas

60" x 60"


Scale reproduction by Patrick LeMieux

Ad Reinhardt's Abstract Painting

Ad Reinhardt's Abstract Painting (2008) invites the player to pilot Reinhardt's most recurrent comic character within the landscape of his signature painting, Abstract Painting (1953-1967). As the player wanders the ostensibly black surface, the cartoon gallery goer recites dialogue sampled from Reinhardt's comics while the score increases. Faint red, green, and blue tint demarcate the painting's surface and form a subtle grid embedded in the black paint which directs the question and answer session. This three by three grid, originally used to infuse the monochrome with abstract geometry becomes a game board—perhaps for checkers or tic-tac-toe.

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At the J. Wayne Reitz Union

in Gainesville, FL on February 16 to March 7, 2009

At the School of Art and Art History

in Gainesville, FL on December 12, 2008