White Painting after Robert Rauschenberg

Patrick LeMieux

White Painting after Robert Rauschenberg

White Sanwa JLF joystick, IPAC, Power Mac G4,

Flash Application, digital projector, wood, paint

36" x 18" x 18"

May 12, 2008

Robert Rauschenberg

White Painting [one panel]

White paint on canvas

48" x 48"


Scale reproduction by Patrick LeMieux

White Painting after Robert Rauschenberg (2008) was created on the day of Rauschenberg's death and revisits his White Painting series from 1951. Composed solely from photographs documenting the production of the white series at Black Mountain College, Rauschenberg's ethereal form appears when summoned on what John Cage referred to as a "landing strips" for light, shadow, and dust. The inclusion of the artist's body transforms the surface of the monochrome into an indeterminate landscape, a silent spectral topography recalling and perhaps performing Cage's 4'33" (1952). Despite the seemingly immense volume of the stage, the lack of distinguishing marks camouflages the player's movement, a disorientating effect common when navigating cartography in early role playing games. When the journey ends Rauschenberg evaporates and the score increases by one.

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At the J. Wayne Reitz Union

in Gainesville, FL on February 16 to March 7, 2009