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Sister Squares is a videogame exploration of Bill Seaman and Otto Rössler's Neosentient paradigm: the present study of the future emergence of an "Benevolence Engine" modeled on human sentience. As an initial step towards the understanding and developing Neosentient games, Sister Squares functions as an ergodic annotation tool, simulating the paradoxes of the Neosentient paradigm in order to reverse-engineer a future field of research while simultaneously bootstrapping the current study of sentience. Set in contrast to the history of computer chess as driven by artificial intelligence research and analogous to Marcel Duchamp's metagaming strategies for creating art, Sister Squares is a videogame guide for inventing Neosentient games.

For more information please visit the project's blog:

Or download the paper presented at E-Poetry 2011: LeMieux-Checkmate_052111.pdf.

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