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Patrick LeMieux


Single channel video, stereo audio

Size variable

February 9, 2008

Q&A is a single chanel video with stereo audio which performs a dialectic oscillation between question and answer in an attempt to locate a site of metaphoric thought. The sentences shift at the rate of a blinking cursor and propel the audience in one of two directions: the "bottomless" question or the "topped" out answer. Two stereo speakers play opposing ascending and descending Shepard-Risset glissandos. These glissandos are the auditory equivalent of the visual barber pole in that they appear to continually move yet remain in stasis, never changing.

Exhibition Schedule

  • University of Florida 1st and 2nd Year MFA Show, WARPhaus, Gainesville FL (August 22 - September 11, 2008)
  • Call Us Your Mascot, Downhome Gallery, Gainesville FL (April 4, 2008)